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Intermediate Aerobatic Course

This course consists of a minimum of eight hours dual flying with one of our instructors. Pilots with some aerobatic experience may qualify for a reduction in the flying hours requirement. The theoretical knowledge section consists of a minimum six hours ground school. Three hours briefing and three hours self study. The objective of the course is to help you become proficient in flying intermediate aerobatic manoeuvres, and to bring you to a level at which you can attempt your first Intermediate aerobatic competition. Upon successful completion of the course you may apply for the AOPA Intermediate Aerobatic Certificate. 


Theoretical knowledge training will include:

Technical Subjects

  • Inverted flight systems

  • Inverted stalling and spinning

  • Accelerated spins

Aircraft - Specific Characteristics

  • Permitted manoeuvres

  • Inverted flight limitations

  • Negative G limitations

 Emergency drills



  • Notation for Intermediate aerobatic manoeuvres

Human Factors

  • Effects of negative G

  • Positive G tolerance following negative G manoeuvre

  • Disorientation in inverted flight


Eight hours of aerobatic flight time including, but not limited to, the following:

Revision of Standard Aerobatics

  • Hesitation loops

  • Hesitation rolls

  • Precision upright spins

  • Half cuban eights

  • Half roll, half loop down

Intermediate manoeuvres 

  • ​Inverted stalls

  • Inverted spins

  • Half square loops

  • Square loops

  • Outside looping segments 

  • Half loop up

  • Stall turn with a push out

  • Flick rolls, full and half positive flicks

    • Level

    • Descending 45° down

  • Rolling turns,

    • Inside

    • Outside

  • Vertical rolling, up and down

  • Rolling on climbing 45 degree line​

  • Avalanche

  • Chinese loop (loop with a roll at the top)

  • P loops

  • Humpty bumps with ¼ rolls up and down

At the end of this course, you will have grasped the above figures, and we will get you flying complete sequences (including unknown sequences) of figures to the point where you could fly an Intermediate level competition.

Price: £2400

The price includes 8 hours dual instruction in our Pitts S-2A, with full pre-briefs and post flight discussion, and 6 hours of ground school, of which 3 hours are supervised self-study. The price includes all landing fees. You will just need to become a short term member of West London Aero Club which will cost you £33 for one month, or the duration of the course (whichever is longer) This price does not include the assessment of competence flight test on completion of the course.

If you'd like to complete the course in our Extra 330LX please get in touch.

44-8192 G-IILX Extra 330LX White Waltham
G-IILX Extra 330LX White Waltham
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