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We are proud to be able to offer formation training courses. Using our team of highly trained safety conscious formation instructors all of whom hold CAA display authorisations for formation flying.


Flying in close formation with other like-minded pilots is not only safe but one of most rewarding types of flying possible. Our training is focused on the art of safe and precise formation flying. These courses will no doubt be an invaluable asset for any pilot. 


We can either run these courses in our Extra 330LX and 300L or in the customers aircraft if suitable.


Each course will consist of a number of flights on a particular day with a comprehensive brief and de-brief for each sortie. 


Basic Course 


This course will comprise of the following:

  • Introduction to formation theory, SOPs, Sight lines, RT Protocols

  • Initial Joins, Echelon, Line astern, Position changes and Level Turns

  • Break and re-joins

  • Power and fuel management 

  • Emergency procedures

  • Circuit joining 


Intermediate Course


Comprises of the following

  • Steep turns

  • Bending turns (pitch and roll not greater than 60 degrees)

  • Faster rolling rates

  • Escape pathways


Advanced course

  • No limits on pitch and roll angles (Aerobatics!)

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements!

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