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This course covers the minimum requirement for the Aerobatic Rating as well as the AOPA Basic Aerobatic Certificate.

The course consists of:

8 Hours ground school during which we will take you through the following:

  • An introduction into the sport of aerobatics and a safety brief

  • Physical limitations

  • Technical subjects

  • Limitations applicable to the specific aeroplane type

  • Aerobatic manoeuvres and recovery

  • Emergency Drills

  • Aresti System (Aerobatic shorthand)


5 Hours of aerobatic flight time including, but not limited to the following:

  • Steep turns

  • Stalling

  • Spins

  • Chandelles

  • Ballistic aileron roll

  • Barrel roll

  • Inverted flight

  • Straight and level roll

  • Loop

  • Stall turn

  • Immelmann, half loop with half roll at the top

  • Half Cuban eight rolling on the down line

  • Quarter clover rolling on the down (half loop up half barrel roll down


Once you have grasped the above figures, we will get you flying a complete sequence of figures to the point at which you can attempt your first club level competition, should you wish.

Cost: £1600

(Including landing fees at White Waltham)

The price includes 5 hours in a Pitts S-2A, with full pre-briefs and post flight discussion, and 8 hours of ground school. You will just need to become a short term member of West London Aero Club which will cost you £33 for one month, or the duration of the course (whichever is longer)


If you'd like to complete the course in our Extra 330LX the cost of the course is:


(Including landing fees at White Waltham)

Basic Aerobatic Course & Aerobatic Rating

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EASA Aerobatic Rating sequence
Air Displays with Ultimate Aerobatics Extra 230
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