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North American T-6 Harvard

We are very pleased to offer training and experience flights in G-CHIA, through our partnership with The Warplane Flying Company, based at our home airfield, White Waltham. The Harvard was the primary training aircraft for a large number of Air Forces across the world and was used operationally until the 1970s. However, it is best known as the trainer used as a stepping stone into the warbirds of World War II.


Designed by the North American Aviation the T-6 is known by a wide variety of designations depending on the model and airforce. The USAAF designated it the AT-6, the USN the SNJ and the British commonwealth the Harvard. 


G-CHIA was originally built in 1944 as an AT6D Texan for the USAF C/N 44-85501, but during its construction it was transferred to the US Navy and built to SNJ5 standard with build no 85061. It was one of twelve SNJ5s loaned to the Japanese Maritime Defence Force when it was formed in June 1954 and was given the code 6208.

The aircraft was returned to the US Navy in 1977 where it was sold to the civilian market. It was given the civilian registration N9012Y and was based in California until 1992; it was then based in Oregon until 2001. The new owner then did a complete renovation at his Seattle hangar including a zero timed engine and propeller and replaced any new parts with parts from the 1944 era, including the paint scheme to represent SNJ5s that operated from Naval Air Station, Oakland, California in 1940/50 with 061 being the last three numbers of its build number.

The aircraft was moved across to the UK in 2012 and re-assembled at the world famous Aircraft Restoration Company at Duxford. It's maintained to an impeccable standard.


  • Crew: One pilot plus one passenger/student

  • Wingspan: 12.81 m

  • Length:8.84 m

  • Height: 3.57 m

  • Empty Weight: 1,886 kg 

  • Max Take off Weight: 2,404 kg

  • Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney R-1340-AN1 Wasp 600 hp

  • Max speed: 226 mph

  • Rate of Climb: 1,200ft/min

  • Service ceiling: 24,200ft