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Pitts S-2A

The Pitts is truly an iconic aircraft and was the brain child of Curtiss Pitts

back in 1940s. However, through the years, the Pitts has been constantly

refined and with many different variants produced. This has allowed the

Pitts to evolve and still be competitive in the demanding world of

competition aerobatics, with many winning competitions across the world

as well as pleasing many thousands at airshows.

The Pitts S-2A is the two seat version of the single seat S1, so the basic

construction is similar, but the aircraft is a little bigger and fitted with a more

powerful 200hp engine. The increased size and power, coupled with

aerodynamic changes, give the two-seater improved aerobatic and landing

characteristics, and make it extremely stable in rough air conditions. The

ailerons have been aerodynamically balanced for a higher rate of roll at

low speeds than the original S1. It is widely believed that the Pitts S-2A is

still one of the best aerobatic training aircraft available.

We believe that she’s an excellent trainer, as you get great climb performance to maximise your time spent doing aerobatics, rather spending more time having to transit and climb during your training, and she shows up all your mistakes, so that you quickly learn how to prevent them!


  • Crew: One pilot plus one passenger/student

  • Wingspan: 6.10 m

  • Length: 5.71 m

  • Height: 2.02 m

  • Empty Weight: 485kg 

  • Max Take off Weight: 715kg

  • Powerplant: Lycoming AEIO-360- A1A 200hp

  • Max speed: 326 kph

  • Endurance: approx 2 hrs

  • Rate of Climb: 2,500ft/min

Pitts S2A
Pitts Special.jpg
Aerobatic flights
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