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Experience the Ultimate in aerobatics in the Extra 330, performing breathtaking stunts as you fly over the Berkshire and Buckinghamshire countryside. This aircraft has incredible performance thanks to a power to weight ratio better than most supercars and it rolls an astonishing 450 degrees per second! This has helped it to become one of the aircraft used in the famous Red Bull air races and also airshows and World Championships alike.


Your pilot, all of whom are aerobatic champions and air display pilots, will cater the flights to your needs and you will be able to do as much as or as little as you'd like within your flight. One of the advantages of this aircraft is the built in camera system so we can even record the flight to make the day even more memorable. 

40 Minute Aerobatic Experience in the amazing Extra 330

  • 40 Minute Aerobatic Flight in the amazing Extra 330LX

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