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Training with Ultimate Aerobatics

Ultimate Aerobatics is one of the premier aerobatic training facilities in the UK with an array of the top aerobatic pilots in the country to teach you. We can offer a package courses such as the Aerobatic Rating or we can do individual flights to suit your needs or budget. We can instruct in our extremely capable Pitts S2-A or our incredible Extra 330LX.
Our home at the West London Aero Club at White Waltham means we are in a superb location with as we have a number of Londons airports in close proximety and also well connected by the motorway network. Most importantly of all we operate in the relaxed and safe environment at White Waltham where we can very quickly transit to aerobatic training areas and make the most of your training.

We can offer the AOPA aerobatics certificates of which there are three (Beginners, Standard and intermediate),were drawn up by one of our instructors Alan Cassidy in collaboration with the British Aerobatic Association.  The objectives were to have a structured syllabus that allowed pilots to become proficient at the appropriate level of aerobatics and provide a gateway into the exciting world or competition aerobatics or just for having fun! Whilst the AOPA certificates can be issued at any time the aerobatic rating requires you to have completed 30 hours as pilot in command after license issue.

Any questions please get in touch.

Ultimate Aerobatics Aerobatic Academy
Extra 330LX for the Ultimate High
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