Our Romanian Adventure

It only really dawned on me whilst preparing for the transit just how far Romania really is - 1100 miles, 8 hours of flying and 4 stops on route....that's how far! It might not seem like all that much but as someone who had never crossed an international border, filed a flight plan, or crossed the channel there were lots of firsts for me! If I am completely honest I was pretty scared...not so much about all the firsts but more about the shear distance to cover and the risk of poor weather at some point along the route. But, I was determined to make the competition and not let my fears stand in my way.Thanks to all those at work for contacting their forecasting friends to help me plan the bes


Now that the Nationals is over we have had a little time to figure out why our smoke system wasn't working - among other things we had a lot of carbon built up in our injector which allows the smoke to flow straight in to the exhaust. After a lot of cleaning, we finally got everything working! Here is a photo of us testing the system. It will look great for our next aerobatic air display.

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