It's scholarship season

Over the next week we'll be flagging up some of the scholarships that are out there on our Facebook page. Both Mike and I have been lucky enough to benefit from some of them in the past and we want to ensure that as many people as possible know about them. At just 17 I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship for my full licence. Before that point I had managed to beg and save my way to just a few hours of flying and some gliding but it was going to take me a very long time to save the money required to complete my licence. I asked around and found out about the various scholarships that are out there - and I applied for all of those for which I was eligible! To both my surprise and delight

Thanks to the BWPA

A few weeks ago I attended the annual awards dinner for the British Women Pilots’ Association. I expected to be presented with a certificate for the flying scholarship they kindly awarded me earlier this year. However, I was surprised to also receive their Brabazon Cup. The Cup is for outstanding achievement in aviation and the list of previous winners is long and distinguished and I feel I hardly come close. I am genuinely humbled to have received it and even more so by all the kind words that people have posted on Facebook in response to my winning the trophy. Doing well in this sport times a lot of time, a lot of training and every penny Mike and I can earn. As such, when an organisation

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