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British Team arrive in South Africa

So, after months of preparation, the first half of the team arrive in South Africa. We are training at Swellendam airfield which just has the most spectacular scenary. This will be our backdrop for the next week while we try to familiarise ourselves with the new aircraft. It's going to be a steep learning curve, but we're all looking forward to the challenge.

Air Displays with Ultimate Aerobatics

The aircraft have now arrived but we are waiting for our licence validations to come through so we can't start flying just yet. The photos below show the 'control tower' at the airfield, as well as the aircraft we will be flying as it arrives at Swellendam. This is the first glimpse we had of what we would be competing in, with only just over a week until the competition.

Air Displays with Ultimate Aerobatics
Air Displays with Ultimate Aerobatics

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