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The Nationals is Coming...

With the Nationals only a few weeks away we decided it was probably best to get some focussed training in. We got some of the old team from South Africa together and went to Little Gransden airfield-a lovely airfield west of Cambridge. It was nice to combine some intensive training with catching up with friends. We were lucky enough to stay in the cottages on site which meant we could prepare for the next day's training in the on site hot tub! We moved our training 'box' around so as to minimise the noise to individual airfield neighbours. All in all it was a very productive few days. As ever, you realise all that you still need to practice..! We hope to do more of these training camps next year as they really are the best way to train. With thanks to Nick B for the training and to Mark Jeffries for letting us use his airfield.

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