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Our engine is ready!

Yesterday we had an awesome piece of news - our engine is ready!

We have been getting some work done on our aircraft and this has included getting our engine overhauled. It hadn't quite reached TBO but it wasn't far off and we knew that she was a little down on power and would need doing soon enough. As such, we took the plunge. It was a big decision and every penny we have has been going into this engine.

The winter is always a quiet period for flying in the UK, the weather obviously having a significant part to play in this, but this year there's been even less flying. We are very much looking forward to having our lovely Cap back and this is a major milestone along that road. Fingers crossed, we're nearly there! We can't wait to try out the new engine and would like to thank Neil Andrews, at Superformance Engineering, for his infinite patience with our many questions during the overhaul. We think it looks stunning and we're sure will run just as well.

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