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The Cap is nearly back!

We've just had great news - our lovely Cap will shortly be ready for us to fly again! She's had a lot of work, especially as we took the plunge to get the engine overhauled. It was a big decision but we think it was the right one - let's hope we notice the difference!

We're really excited to be getting her back but I'm also rather apprehensive as I haven't flown her for a while. Couple this with the fact that I'm starkly aware of the need to run the engine in properly and it makes those first flights rather daunting. I know that we've been flying other things whilst the Cap's been away so have stayed current and have been doing some circuits in the Pitts, but nothing is ever quite the same when you're getting back in to a single seat aircraft.

There's only 7 weeks to go until the first competition which feels rather soon...keep an eye out for updates as we'll post progress here!

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