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Licence Validations through - let the flying commence!

Our licence validations have finally come through and we have started training - it's a steeper learning curve than we expected, but we are lucky enough to have some spectacular scenery to accompany our training. After our first flights returned to the accommodation, slightly downbeat, as the realisation hit us of just what a mountain it was that we still had to climb. However, we remain unphased and we have made a plan for tomorrow to master these Slick 360 aircraft - we'll write more about them in a future blog post once we have got to know the aircraft a bit better.

Here are a couple of photos - the top one is Mike on his first flight and the bottom is fellow team member Chris, preparing for his first flight. We must thank Swellendam airfield, and all their members, who have been amazingly hospitable! We can only hope that we would be as welcoming to visitors in the UK, but I think there is certainly a lot we could learn.

Air Displays with Ultimate Aerobatics
Air Displays with Ultimate Aerobatics

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