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Training over - we're heading to the competition in Mossel Bay!

After a week of training at our little oasis in Swellendam, we must sadly say goodbye and head, with intrepedation, to the competition site in Mossel Bay.

We have learnt to love the Slick 360, which is certainly a more capable aircraft than any of us are used to. Given this, however, it is not without its challenges and whilst she doesn't bite us as much as on those first flights, we still occasionally revert back to what we know best (our little Extra 230) and then things don't quite go according to plan. We have many times found ourselves inadvertently upside down whilst trying to re-position during our training flights.

We are beginning to be reminded that our amazing flying holiday in South Africa, which we have been enjoying so much, was actually the preparatory phase of a more serious competition - and the nerves are beginning to strike.

Air Displays with Ultimate Aerobatics
Air Displays with Ultimate Aerobatics

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