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Let the competition begin!

It's all beginning to feel rather real now as last night the competition was declared open! We were lucky enough to experience a cultural mix of song and dance from across South Africa which, where relevant, was narrated with the cultural significance and history of each song and dance.

Unfortunately Mike and I drew very early numbers in the competition (2 and 4 respectively) so we weren't really able to enjoy the event as much as we might have liked given an early start beckoned; the following day loomed with the prospective of flying commencing at 0800. That said as I write this, the weather (due to strong wind) has prevented the start of flying and we are now playing a rather tense waiting game.

Here is a photo of the team during the opening ceremony, dressed in our casual form of the team uniform! You will be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the formal attire when the photos of the closing ceremony are taken - I must warn you, you could almost mistake it for school uniform!

Air Displays with Ultimate Aerobatics

The photo below shows just how strong the wind is - well outside of the competition limits.

Air Displays with Ultimate Aerobatics

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