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It's scholarship season

Over the next week we'll be flagging up some of the scholarships that are out there on our Facebook page. Both Mike and I have been lucky enough to benefit from some of them in the past and we want to ensure that as many people as possible know about them.

At just 17 I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship for my full licence. Before that point I had managed to beg and save my way to just a few hours of flying and some gliding but it was going to take me a very long time to save the money required to complete my licence. I asked around and found out about the various scholarships that are out there - and I applied for all of those for which I was eligible! To both my surprise and delight I was lucky enough to receive one from what was then GAPAN for my full licence. To this day I'm extremely grateful for their early support in my flying career as it has helped enable me to be doing what I am today.

So why not put in an never know, you just might get lucky. For those of you who already have a licence and are interested in giving aerobatics a go but haven't been able to afford it - why not apply for an Air League bursary? Please do share this with anyone you think might be interested.

Photo by Stuart Scott.

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