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Late night photography!

On Saturday night, Mark Rawlings joined me to take some photos of the Cap with unusual lighting. I believe it's called light painting and a little while ago he suggested we should give it a try once the aircraft was back - well this was that attempt.

We were lucky enough to have clear skies and a beautiful sunset to play with, although that did make it rather chilly and in the end we had to put the aircraft in the hangar to prevent her icing up - not a problem I was expecting at the back end of April! It took quite a while to stage the shots but it was really interesting to learn a bit more about the techniques involved and photography in general.

I must thank Mark, as well as Dominik who came along to help despite having had an extremely early start following an airport drop off; thanks guys, it was lots of fun and the results are pretty cool too.

We're trying to think about how to make the best use of these beautiful photos so the below is just a taster - the best is yet to come!

Now we just need to get on with training - the competition season starts in less than two weeks...

Mark made good use of the daylight to take a whole lot of additional photos, some of which are posted here showing off our beautiful aircraft. We're updating the website to make the most of some of these lovely photos (as well as some great ones from Stuart Scott and Mike Slatter, who have also been kind enough to help us) so keep your eye out for this gradual refresh.

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