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To the Czech Republic...with Total UK

We're delighted to announce our new partner, Total, as you might have noticed from the new logos on our aircraft. We're really looking forward to working with them as we travel to the European Championships in the Czech Republic and in preparation for the World Advanced Aerobatic championships next year.

Our European adventure is about to start as we head across the channel bound for the Czech Republic this week. It's come round rather quickly and we don't feel ready for a whole number of reasons. However, we've decided to make the most of it as a learning experience in the hope of being better prepared for the World Championships next year.

We got up to Wickenby this week (photo above) where we managed to get a quick check done on the aircraft to allow us to get across Europe and back and we also managed to do a little training.

We had hoped to start our travels today but unfortunately the weather rather delayed us (see above - although you can't really see the rain!). We made the most of the poor weather though getting in our final oil change done so that we wouldn't need to do one whilst we are away. The forecast isn't great for tomorrow so unfortunately we think it's likely to be Monday before we get away. Whilst I've done plenty of aerobatics, the long trips across Europe are still relatively new to me and I find them rather daunting - mainly because of the dependence on weather and the fact that most aerobatic aircraft (ours included) aren't equipped for such eventualities. We've made a plan and now it's just a waiting game for the weather to play ball. Hopefully we'll get that soon as we can start training at the competition site from Monday.

Safe travels to all those making their way across Europe in the coming days - we look forward to seeing you at the contest.

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